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Class Action

Class Action Litigation

Treanor Pope & Hughes has defended business institutions in numerous nationwide class action lawsuits for over two decades. These cases, filed in both state and federal courts, are highly complex and usually involve significant financial stakes for the defendant company. The issues raised in these cases often include a wide variety of regulatory, statutory, fraud or other tort and contract claims.

The firm addresses class actions with a team approach, harnessing the diverse experiences of its lawyers and tailoring the team composition to the needs of each particular case. We endeavor to meet the challenges of a given case with all the necessary resources while, at the same time, being mindful of the client’s expense, employing every efficiency available. Interestingly, very few of our class actions are lodged in our home state of Maryland; we have developed the ability to wage a vigorous and thorough defense of these cases in distant jurisdictions, as though we were situated there locally.

We are both pleased and honored by the continued confidence of our clients who return to us time and again when they need representation in new matters. Our past success also has brought new client relationships, as the firm has become better known in wider corporate circles. If your company is faced with an actual or threatened class action, please contact us and we will be happy to help you assess the situation and answer any questions you may have as you seek to identify appropriate defense counsel