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Government and Regulation

Government and Regulation

Treanor Pope & Hughes represents a broad array of community, non-profit and corporate clients in a variety of state and local governmental, administrative, legislative and judicial forums. The firm’s governmental practice includes representation of individuals, community associations, non-profit corporations and local and national businesses in procurement appeals and government contract disputes, condemnation actions, land use and development proceedings, the advocacy of proposed legislation, and a wide variety of administrative and quasi-judicial hearings involving zoning, development, regulatory, enforcement and employment grievances.

Virginia W. Barnhart, both as former County Attorney of Baltimore County and through Treanor Pope & Hughes, has developed broad experience representing public and private clients in numerous state and local government, administrative, legislative and judicial forums, on matters ranging from constitutional challenges to governmental action, lobbying, land use, procurement, condemnation and civil rights disputes.

Michael S. Barranco has extensive experience in the representation of clients before the Maryland Public Service Commission and in the representation of communities and landowners in a variety of local government forums involving development, covenant, easement and land use disputes.